2019 - 20 New School Year Theme: All Means All


Darren Knowles, Deputy Superintendent, Human Resources:

It’s our job to help our kids to succeed. Many of our kids in Pomona Unified School District there is a lot of situational things that impact them on a day to day basis and our job is to help them get over those. It can be applying doing a college application, it can helping them learn how to access a blended learning program for graduation, it can be helping them with other things; we need to understand that all of our kids don’t have the  same opportunities as everybody and we can’t assume that. Where we can help them even it is outside the classroom we need to help them so that all kids can succeed.


Lilia Fuentes, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services:

Everybody wants to be part of the solution and one of the areas that we continue to look at through data, through conversations, through empathy and interviews we really found out that literacy is where we needed to be grounded and as we continue to unfold and look at those pieces how did it align to content areas, to the arts, to the 1:1 initiative, we really believe strongly that all means all, we must reach all students when we work through with parents, with teachers, with administrators, with district personnel, community members, to make sure that everybody’s voice is heard, that every student is touched for them to be successful and that they may have opportunities and choices for their future.


Juan Ortiz, Director, Curriculum & Instruction/ELL:

It means providing them the great first instruction that they deserve, secondly it means for our teachers providing them the focused professional development and effective curriculum programs and tools that they need, and finally it means truly partnering with our families and our community so that they can really support their child in and outside of the classroom.


Shandria Richmond-Roberts, Principal, Elementary School- Harrison:

Every student, staff, parent, and community member is treated with the utmost respect and that there needs are met and their voices are heard. As a community we get better at meeting the needs of our children and making sure they are truly future career and college ready.


Dorothy Kim, APT President:

We need everyone involved, students, families, educators, schools and communities to ensure that our students are healthy, safe, engaged and supported in their educational careers.


Julio Ruiz, Web Technician, Public Information Office:

All means all to me is that making sure that our students through our websites providing an online safe environment to make sure that they can achieve their academic goals and beyond.


George Hunter, Security & Disaster Prep Coordinator:

That all of our students and staff are safe and secure at all times.  A quality of environment for learning is that students feel they are safe and secure during the academic day and we want to ensure that it takes place. We also want to make sure that all our students feel that they can approach any and all staff with their concerns, worries, or questions, or feel that they have someone that they can go to when they have an issue.


Fernando Meza, Assistant Superintendent of Pupil & Community Services:

I think it starts with making sure that every student whether they can walk, run, crawl, or need assistance can get to their campuses and have all the things ready to go.


Daryl Hickey, Director, Food & Nutrition Services:

We are surveying tens of thousands of students every day and we do not know what their story is, we don’t know what is going on at home, but if we can at least be a safe haven for them knowing that they are going to be able to get breakfast, they are able to get lunch, so they can have their basic needs met so when they enter the classroom their going to have the best opportunity for success.


Dr. Kathrine Morillo-Shone, Director, Equity & Professional Learning:

I think we have other heroes in the system that we don’t often see at the forefront of the classroom, our classified staff members who perform a lot of work that is actually crucial to the development of the student’s social and emotional academics. When you go into the school and you walk in the environment where it is warm and welcoming our office staff members they project equity because they embrace each and every one of the family members that come into our school, our district, our community. Our custodians when they do their job and they do it with so much love and passion, you see the care they have in the environment and the kids pick up on that, all our kids come into an environment where they feel safe, they feel that the adults care for them, and it starts with having a learning environment that maximizes their potential.


Lorraine Vargas, Senior Tech Assistant, Human Resources:

Without communication we cannot have an efficient HR office to attract quality staff, staff that works with our students and our parents, and also provide positive role models. Sometimes the kids need positive role models so that they can ensure their future to be a positive for themselves.



Rabia Minhas, Principal, Elementary School-Kellogg:

In order for an ecosystem to thrive and be the best that it can be it has to have the right conditions. When we apply that to school sites I think of a welcoming environment, I think of a collaborative staff under one vision that wants to work together and wants to do what’s best for our children, all children. I think of a place where people are happy to be. For example when you walk in the door you should feel the energy of the school, it should feel welcoming and inviting, you should feel that your needs are being met whether you are a child or an adult, you should feel that you like you are a part of something bigger, you should feel like you are supported and you are understood and that you are here for a greater purpose. When we create those kind of ecosystems at school sites children thrive, they know that they are loved, they know that they are welcomed, they know they are heard and that they are supported.


Richard Martinez, Superintendent:

When we listen to the term all means all you can take that differently you can talk about students we can talk about ourselves, what I want to focus on right now with the all piece is us. “Us” a PUSD employees, PUSD volunteers, when it comes to supporting the child and ensuring that they do well in school I want to make sure that “you” if you are a classified employee, if you’re an administrator, a counselor, anyone with certificated ranks, the supporting roles with maintenance and operations, trades, everyone has an opportunity to make a difference. You don’t have to be that teacher to be that one. But, in this year the theme really is about all if us participating; so I encourage to you to be part of the term “all” and supporting all our kids at PUSD.