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Breakfast & Lunch Program

Our food service program is a NO CHARGE system for breakfast and lunch.  Normally your child will punch in their school number, however, during the pandemic, this is no longer being done.
The breakfast program is available for K-6 students from 7:30-7:55, Monday-Thursday.  Fridays, 8:30-8:55.  Refer to the bell schedule for the various lunch times. 
Students generally have 20 minutes of lunch time followed by 20 minutes of play time.  This varies sometimes due to inclement weather.
Students are welcome to bring their own prepared lunch.  It is very helpful to label your child's lunchbox as this is a frequently lost item.  Students should bring their own lunch if they do not wish to go through the food line.
If you wish to bring a special lunch for your child, please label it with your child's name and teacher and drop it off on the counter in the front office.  A campus supervisor will pick up the lunch and take it to the cafeteria at lunchtime.  
DO NOT provide food for friends of your child.   If you wish to provide a special treat to celebrate your child's birthday, please make arrangements with your child's teacher for this occasion to be served during the afternoon outside of the lunch program for all students in the classroom.  You may drop off the birthday treats at the front office.  The office will contact the classroom for pick up.  Please do not bring any item with nuts in it.
Do not send your child to school with soda or other high sugary drinks or large bags of chips.  A single bag serving is fine.  Students are discouraged from sharing food since there are students with food allergies and parents may not want their children consuming food that they have not approved for their child.
Lunch menus can be accessed online by downloading the "My School MENUS" application.