First Day of School is August 11th

Class Assignments Posted August 10, 2022

August 11, 2022 First day of school


Welcome Parents and Guardians,


All grades are invited to stop by school Wednesday afternoon, August 10, between 2:00-5:00 if you are able.  Say hi and check out your child's class list and teacher assignment.  You can join PTA on the spot for just $10.00(cash) and if you do you will receive a free 2022-2023 Ranch Hills school events calendar.  The YMCA and myself will be on hand to field questions.


Thursday, August 11, is our first day for all students!  This first day and then on any future day, except Fridays, you may drop your child off at the curbside in front of the school, but no earlier than 7:30.  Our supervisors do not begin their work day until 7:30.  Drop off on Fridays is now between 8:30-9:00.  Supervision on Late Start Fridays begins at 8:30.


Please give your child hugs and goodbyes inside the car before you pull up for drop off We will help your child find their way.  We will help assure them they are safe, but what you do to prepare them will help the most.  If you park on the street and/or walk your child to school, please drop them off near the front sidewalk where there is supervision.  Students may not cross through the parking lot without an adult.


Upon drop off, our K students will be escorted to the cafeteria by an assigned supervisor even if they choose not to have breakfast.  We want them inside waiting safely.  Near 8:00 a.m. Kinders will be escorted to their meeting area where their teachers will greet them.  The teachers are planning activities to help get to know the students and make them comfortable with being on site.  We will explicitly teach them our expectations for behavior at school.


1st-6th will also be dropped off along the front curbside or they may walk through the back gate from the back park area.  Pending health guideline updates, parents are permitted to walk their child onto the campus playground only on the first day of school.   Please make sure your child understands where they are to meet you upon their dismissal at 1:25 that first day.  Your child will feel less anxious if they clearly understand the family plan.


1st -6th grade students may enter the playground front or back gate, set their backpacks on their line (we will train them this procedure), and then enter the cafeteria from the playground side for breakfast.  Again, although breakfast isn't required, it is free.  Take advantage of it!  But students need to finish eating breakfast by 8:00.  Students will line up at 8:00 and be greeted by their teacher.  


If your child does not want the lunch provided for them by PUSD, please provide a packed lunch.  Please remember to label your child's belongings.  Dismissal on August 11 and 12 is 1:25 for 1st-6th grade students.  Kindergarten students will be escorted and supervised outside where they need to be picked up at 12:00, after they finish lunch.


On Thursday and Friday for this week, please refer to the bell schedule which is also posted on our website:

K Dismissal:  12:00     1st-3rd Dismissal:  2:26

    4th-6th Dismissal:  2:55

Remember that every Friday is LSF or Late Start Friday for students for teacher meetings and learning.  August 13 is the first Friday and is a LSF, so your child needs to be at school by 9:00 am.  Of course you may drop them off early for breakfast.


Again, if you are in need of child care, our YMCA on site care is available.  You may locate their information on our school website at this link:


The most important item is to clearly let your child know who and where your child is to be picked up from.  Older students in grades 4-6 may exit the back gate and meet their parents there or even walk home ONLY if this is safe and your route is reinforced to them before they actually walk home.  Please practice this.  


Finally, I appreciate your patience and friendliness with our supervisors during the short but hectic drop off and pick up time most all schools face each and every day.  Check out this link to understand what to do when there is a lot of traffic during drop off or pick up on Trabuco:


Welcome back to School!  I look forward to meeting you.


Ashley Hedrick,

Ranch Hills Principal