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Dress Code

Students have the responsibility to attend school appropriately dressed. Although there is no specific uniform policy here at Ranch Hills, students need to dress comfortably and respectfully.   It is with this in mind that the following may not be worn to school:


  • Tops with straps unless covered with a sweater or jacket.
  • Tops which leave a bare midriff/low riding jeans.
  • Shirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Flip flops, high heels, slip on sandals, crocs, backless shoes, water shoes, netted shoes, open toed shoes.
  • Earrings which hang below the earlobe; artificial nails
  • Clothes which print alcohol, tobacco, Marijuana, drugs, illegal substances, profane language/symbols, disrespectful phrases, references to violence; etc.
  • Bandanas, wallet chains
  • Baggy pants/loose pants without belts
  • Shoes with wheels on the soles/untied shoe laces
  • No hats (boys and girls), caps, knit caps or hats inside school, except special occasions / events / recess; 
  • No make-up to be worn in elementary school - except for the Halloween Parade